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Tree Team

How You 
Can Help!


Tree Docent: Greet visitors, answer questions about the project, take photos as requested, monitor that artwork is being respected. 

Mascots: Sandy Claws and Frosty the Snowman both enjoy making appearances at the Lobster Trap Tree. They are popular with children and end up in many Christmas card photos.  Height restriction of 5' 10" for either costume. 

Professional Artists: If you are a professional artist from CT or RI and you are interested in being considered to donate your talents to paint a buoy for the 2022 tree display and auction, please email and provide links to your art work, name, address and phone.

Buoy Squad: If you would like to join the team that drops off buoys, picks them up from artists 8 weeks later and carefully transports them to the Ocean Community Chamber of Commerce, please email and provide your name and phone.  We also rely on this team to help string the buoys.

Tree Team: It takes many hands to help load lobster traps onto trucks, transport them from Westerly to Stonington, and assemble the tree over 2 days.  Similarly, it takes a great team to reverse the process on February 1 when the tree comes down. The work is very physical and the traps weigh 30 pounds each. If you’d like to help out, please contact Lisa Konicki at or call 401-596-7761. 

Tree Team 2022:

Ron Bedard

Tom Fabian

Andrew Field

Suzie Flores

Paul Geise

Katie from Noah's Restaurant

Victor Pinero

Al Valentini

and the many others who showed up!

Tree Docents & Photographers:

Leslie Bartholomew

Jen Brinton

Ann Buffum

Dodie Bump

Mia Byrnes

Bonnie Cannon

Jay Conolly

Jill Corr

Beth D'Amato

David Dyer

Lori Dyer

Colin Donahue

Karen Donahue

Paul Donahue

Suzie Flores

Beth Frenette

Jeff Frenette

Paul Geise

Angela Gora

Rush Hambleton

Pam Johnstone

Alex Konicki

Maddie Konicki

John Layton

Laurie Luzzi

Patrick Lynch

Janet McClendon Vaskas

Beth Markowski-Roop

Shaun Mastroianni

Antonio Mastroianni

Dale Sowle

Angela Thoman

Ruth Tureckova

Joanna Valentini


Let’s Work Together

1 Chamber Way

Westerly, RI 02891

Tel: 401-596-7761

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